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2015 Wow what a year….

Posted on 18.02.2016
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WOW!! So….2015… What an amazingly fantastic, wonderful, happy, giddy, busy, crazy, unforgettable year and I loved every second of it! I want to say the biggest heartfelt Thank You to all of my gorgeous couples who chose me as their wedding photographer last year.

I had my busiest year to date with weddings, which makes for one epic year! With the most beautiful couples who really loved real moments being captured of their wedding day! Below is a little selection of last year, be prepared it’s a tad long, but full of smiles and laughter!

New Year’s resolution: I promise I will update my blog more regularly to keep you up to date with all my latest weddings. Admittedly I haven’t posted a full wedding since last January… please forgive me but all my time was spent capturing them! I also have loads of testimonials to share with you from lots of gorgeous couples.

This year has already started in the best way possible. First I had a cheeky little holiday to the slopes (only to get over any January blues of course). I am 90% booked for this year, lots of you are booking for next year, I have documented four amazing weddings already and I have some really fantastic weddings to come.


PS – Only 9 photographs out of 150+ on this blog post were lightly directed / posed.

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