Aug 12, 2014


Wedding Photography – The Ritz and Mayfair Library London Wedding

These two are just the sweetest; A very intimate wedding with a gorgeous Bride, a Groom, two witnesses and myself with the whole of London to explore. Officially the smallest wedding I have ever documented but my it was a lot of fun and these two were fantastic to photograph.

I was instantly excited when I received the email from Matthew and Helen saying they were looking for a relaxed photographer to document them getting ready at The Ritz Hotel, walking to The Mayfair Library and then to capture them around London in their favourites spots. I love going to London, I love a bit of rain, who doesn’t Love The Ritz and most of all I loved photographing these two!

Matthew and Helen had recently had a beautiful baby girl and with their families being so far apart (Helen’s family live in Estonia), they thought why not get married just the two of us and then carry on the celebrations with our families back home later on in the year.

They both got ready at The Ritz with Helen’s friend helping with her hair in the morning and later on being one of the witnesses to their marriage. We then all walked to The Mayfair Library and what started out a very dry and sunny day soon turned to absolute down poor. (Thankfully I always have large white umbrellas with me!) We took cover under doorways until we decided to make a sprint for it and Matthew very quickly hailed down a cab. After drying off we all made our way upstairs to the gorgeous little ceremony room where we met Matthew’s friend, the second witness to their marriage. A beautiful ceremony, full of smiles and laughter as the registrar struggled with Helens full name which was corrected by her Husband to be (who thankfully knew how to pronounce it!) As if by perfect timing the rain stopped and the sun came out. We all went to the gardens just outside the library to soak it in and watch Matthew and Helen throw confetti over themselves. For the afternoon I followed them from Buckingham Palace to some of their favourite spots in London, over to Southbank where their London home is and including a fantastic little trip to the “beach”.

Helen wanted to throw her bouquet (which was beautifully made by herself the morning of the wedding) we gathered a group of passing by excited ladies and a few even more excited gentlemen that wanted to join in and Helen threw her bouquet. Before I left them we stopped in the cutest little pub down a cobbled street for a celebratory class of wine. In total walked about 15km across London and yet at the end of it they still looked as gorgeous as they did at the beginning of the day. Matthew and Helen spent their evening at The Ritz having a delicious meal for two.

Here are a few of my favourite photographs of these gorgeous two.


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